Car hoist

You will wonder what you did before you had one! Auto lifts, which are also known as car lifts, are by far a safer option when working under cars, especially compared to using car or truck floor jacks.

They also have the added benefit of providing increased garage workspace which makes any other jobs you have easier to complete. Most enthusiasts or professional mechanics who have used a home garage vehicle lift, wish they had bought them sooner, as it would have made their work much easier.

car hoist

I was one of them, live and learn! All of the car lifts we tested were excellent, we would be happy to have any of them in our own home garages, but we did have a preference. The BendPak Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift — 6,lbis the ideal choice for home garages as it is affordable, portable and extremely easy to use, so rightly so it is our top pick.

It is equipped with a v motor and can quite efficiently lift to its full height in only 45 seconds. With its minimum standing height of just 5 inches, it fits under most vehicles, but we would recommend you check your ground clearance before buying to be on the safe side.

The BendPak comes fully assembled and as such it does not require much work to get started. Even though the lift is quite heavy, weighing around pounds, most people find it easy to move around without any trouble.

Best Car Lifts in the World

Buyers who have used this lift have commented that its operation is pretty quick, meaning you can lift your vehicle and have access to the underside very quickly and without any difficulty. One customer commented that they were able to lift a 5,lb Ford Flex without issue and many others said the BendPak had a solid build and is a pretty quiet in use. Any complaints were related to shipping and delivery.

They commented that the lift arrives on a pallet and is quite heavy. To be honest, this is kind of expected given the lifts capabilities and build, so this was not a concern for us but something to keep in mind nonetheless. BendPak is a solid brand and they are known for their great quality lifts so you can buy with confidence knowing you are getting a quality product which will be invaluable to you for years to come.

Lets take a look at each of these car lifts in a detail. They are all very good at what they do, and you would be happy with any of them, but depending on your actual requirements, some are better than others! This is a great portable car lift to have in your home garage and is capable of easily lifting 6, lbs. It has a scissor lift design and a compact layout, making it efficient and capable.

Moreover, its construction is very solid meaning that this is the only lift you will need to get your job done. BendPak scissor lift is a great choice and easy to store. The lift has an adjustable arm as well as a safety lock bar which makes it both safe and practical. It also includes a free truck adapter package so you can use it with trucks as well as cars and other vehicles, which is a superb bonus for us truck owners.

One of the greatest advantages of the BendPak is its portability which makes it really easy to move around.

car hoist

It has a small, compact design which means you can easily store it when needed; perfect if you are looking for car lifts for small garages. Safety is your number one consideration when choosing a vehicle lift.

There should never be a compromise on the safety of such tools, especially as it will be raising up a whole vehicle that you are planning on working on and under, so you need to ensure that it is reliable, safe and easy to use. You have to be very careful that there is no chance of a malfunction while you or anyone else are under a car lift, as it could be quite dangerous to say the least. However, the BendPak Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift is equipped with a lot of safety features which will ensure that you and others working with it are safe and sound.Learn something new every day More Info A car hoist is a device that is used to raise a car up to allow access to underneath the vehicle.

Commonly available in one- two- and four-post styles, a car hoist is often an invaluable tool when working on the bottom of a vehicle. There are hydraulic versions of the car hoist, however, the electric models are the most commonly used types in home garages and shops.

Here's How Much My Car Lift & Garage Cost + My Favorite Automotive Christmas Present.

Models of the hoist are available in both ramp and chassis mount designs, with each offering its own positive and negative aspects with the chassis mount design offering the most versatility and access to most vehicles.

Many automobile repairs are more easily completed through the use of a car hoist as compared to working without a hoist. By using the car hoist to raise the car, access to chassis, exhaust and suspension components is placed within easy reach for the mechanic.


The hoist is a heavy-duty device that commonly reaches under the car and connects to specific points on the vehicle's chassis to facilitate supporting the car when raised into the air. By activating an electric motor, the hoist is raised into the air by use of a threaded rod, or a hydraulic pump with hydraulic cylinders. Some older models of the hoist use an air-powered hydraulic cylinder to raise the vehicle. The early versions of the car hoist used a single hydraulic cylinder to raise the car.

This hoist commonly made it difficult to remove and replace entire exhaust systems. The difficulties stemmed from the placement of the cylinder and the chassis support being located in the center of the vehicle. The four-post, ramp-style of car hoist solved the access problem by having the car be driven onto a pair of ramps that were raised at all four corners.

This left the complete underneath of the chassis open. The problem with this type of hoist, however, is that the vehicle is required to sit on the tires, making access to wheels, brakes and shocks difficult. To remove tires for maintenance, the four-post hoist required a car to be jacked up while on the hoist and placed on support stands. The two-post car hoist solved this problem by using two outboard arms that reach under the vehicle's chassis from the outer edge of the car.

This allows the wheels to be removed while the car is in the raised position, as well as maintaining an open access underneath the car. This two-post design is the most commonly used car hoist in personal and commercial garages worldwide. One of our editors will review your suggestion and make changes if warranted.Sort through the car lift models by lift type, price and manufacturer to find the model you're looking for.

Find detailed specifications for each lift model featured on our site. If you have any additional questions about car lifts, please contact us. Click on one of the manufacturer logos below to view our inventory of Lifts by manufacturer:. Great for wheel and brake work, tire and wheel changing as well as new car preparation. It is a popular choice for wheel service and body shops. There is also room for some underbody work. They are ideal for tire, wheel and brake related repairs, collision repair work and new car preparation.

Super easy to move around and very compact. The AP-6PL comes with non-slip pads that provide a great contact surface and a set of four high density rubber blocks that help protect lifting points on most vehicles.

This 6,lb. Launch TLTSB Symmetric 2 Post Lift Economical, high quality, clear floor and floor plate chain-over lifts with dual point lock release, steel pulleys, high strength equalization cables and double telescoping screw pads configured to accommodate the smallest Cars to the SUV's and Trucks.

The clearance between the column posts are about 6 inches wider than most hobbyist lifts. Great hobbyist lifts. Launch TLTSC Asymmetric 2 Post Lift Economical, high quality, clear floor and floor plate chain-over lifts with dual point lock release, steel pulleys, high strength equalization cables and double telescoping screw pads configured to accommodate the smallest Cars to the SUV's and Trucks.

Challenger MR6 Portable Mid Rise Lift Perfect for quick services such as tire and brake jobs, Challenger's short and mid rise lift options provide stout lifting capabilities with ease in portability, giving you the option to get the job done inside or out.

Maximum lifting height of 38" and 6, lb. This lift is perfect for the customer with too many cars. Whether you're looking for a car lift for your shop or your home garage, there are several of the best options available to you to cover your needs. Some of the best and most popular car lifts we have are:.

2 Post Lifts

The price to install a car lift does depend on which kind of car lift you're installing. A two-post portable car lift for example, probably won't involve modifications to cement flooring. A four-post car lift's price ranges depending on how many pounds it can carry.

The optimal height you should have for your garage is about feet of clearance for a new car lift. We offer a wide range of automotive car lifts so that you can choose the best one to fit your needs. When looking for the right auto lift, we know that you will have plenty of questions.Skip to main content.

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What Is a Car Hoist?

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UnbeatableSale, Inc. Autocare Depot.ProCarReviews is reader-supported. We may earn commission on sales through our links at no extra cost to you. View policies. Installing a car lift inside of your home garage is the best possible upgrade you can do. Residential garage car lifts are available in a range of different types that include 4 post, 2 post, scissor and ramps.

However, depending upon the size of your home garage and its usage will determine the best garage car lift that suits your requirements. Before purchasing any residential garage car lifts, you will want to ensure there is enough space in your garage. You will need the exact measurement of the floor space length and width and the total height, which includes the additional height of the vehicle on the lift.

Investing into a car lift for your home garage will provide you with a safer environment whilst working underneath a car. Below is a list of the best residential garage car liftswhich include a range of different types that are suitable for a home garage and packed full of safety features.

For complete peace of mind, this two post car lift has a CE certified lift structure and hydraulic system as well as a one year parts warranty. The larger weight capacity rating and upgraded floor plate design makes it perfect for the majority of passenger vehicles.

car hoist

Triumph are a brand that produces a wide variety of home car lifts such as 2 or 4 post to scissors lifts. The NSS-8 is their highly rated 4 post optionwhich will safely lift vehicles up to 8, LBS and is designed to be driven onto.

The benefit of choosing this style of home garage car lift is that you can store a car underneath the lifted car. Unlike many of the alternatives, the NSS-8 has a time tested design, which ensures the lifted car can be locked in position for long periods.

It also has the added benefit of being a portable car lift, which is due to the intuitive casters, which are included within the package. The compact construction also makes it easier to store when not in use. Once setup, it can be easily stored away out of sight with a three inch collapsed height. Another portable car lift is the mid-rise scissor option by Dannmar, which is capable of lifting up to 6, LBS. It also has an intuitive design with an adjustable arm assembly and multi-position safety lock, which makes it even more versatile.

Not everyone has the space for a fixed unit but this scissor lift can be easily moved and stored without taking up much space. The Triumph NT-9 is a popular two post car lift due to its affordable price.If you're looking for quality and variety, you're in the right place. From 2 and 4 post car lifts, scissor lifts to portable column and alignment racks and motorcycle lifts, we offer them all—at a great price. For more information check-out " Study in Lift Design.

And remember, we sell, service and install nationwide. BendPak car lifts are the standard by which all other lifts are judged. No other manufacturer offers the attention to detail that they do, nor the large variety of product choices as well.

For over 50 years, they have been the auto shop owner's best friend. Challenger Lifts is a leader in the automotive lift industry and proudly manufactures many of their hoists in USA.

Atlas Automotive Equipment has emerged as one of the most well known and well respected names in the automotive Industry for Car Lifts and Automotive Equipment. The Atlas team has spent years developing a line of products including the Atlas 2 Post and 4 Post Car Lift Series that combine the best value of quality and price.

Forward is a Dover company, a large Fortune conglomerate of premium brand automotive industry merchandise with facilities around the globe. They're known best for their rigorous reliability testing, assuring you that each and every product that leaves their facilities will meet or exceed the stringent demands of a busy high volume garage. Dannmar has grown over the past ten years into a great alternative for consumers as well as professionals who demand high quality along with an affordable price.

Most models are ALI Certified. Launch Tech USA is a great example of innovation. They take all the popular features you would want in a product, and fabricate an affordable alternative, while not sacrificing quality. You can't ask for anything more than that. ASEplatinum rounds out our automotive lift line with reliable and dependable discount lifts that won't leave you cash strapped.

They truly carved out a niche for themselves in the vehicle service industry, by offering an affordable alternative to the premium brands, while still maintaining strict quality standards. We have the widest selection of the best truck and automotive lifts, with many on sale now. If you have a specific need for your shop, we've got you covered.

Give us a call so we can fit you with the perfect hoist for your needs. Beware of other manufacturers who claim their auto lift meets ANSI standards then tell you how they had an independent lab test done.

Most likely, the lab test was hired directly by the manufacturer. Because of this, make sure you only get a car lift that has been tested and certified by ALI and ETL whenever possible. They are the only recognized industry body for testing and certification of auto lifts and car hoists.

Home Car Lifts.The Drive and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links. Read more. Do you get back aches from lying on the floor while working on your car at home? Then, it makes great sense to invest in a good car lift for your home garage.

It provides a comfortable and safe environment for you to work on your car. Most can lift or lower vehicles of up to 9, pounds. The Triumph NT-9 is our top pick due to its minimalistic design and user-friendly features. For starters, it has inches of height with 72 inches of lifting height and 4.

It can expand to inches of width and has inches between posts. This two-post car lift is suitable for almost all vehicles with a lift capacity of 9, pounds. With a volt high-performing motor, the lift is capable of lifting vehicles in less than 40 seconds to the maximum lifting height. Its lifting speed automatically matches the weight of the vehicle, and there are available extensions for trucks. Also, the unit requires almost four-inches of the slab to be stable, and it has a low-quality arm lock.

Nonetheless, it has a space-efficient design suitable for small garages.

car hoist

The Quickjack BLSLX is a budget-friendly car lift that allows you to adjust the height of the lift and move around the car at the same time. The device can be powered by either volt, volt, or volt motors. It can also function effectively with either two or four posts, and a hand-held remote simplifies the lifting process. The frames are lightweight, and the lift is portable. Each section of the lift only weighs 70 pounds. The lift automatically engages its dual-position safety lock whenever the lift is raised.

The safety lock features a flip lever for quick shut-off. The main drawback of this lift is that it can only lift 5, pounds, which is low compared to other garage lifts.

In that regard, it also has a lower lifting height, and its quick-connect fittings are of poor quality.


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